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Corporate Talks With The Two Norries

The Two Norries bring their expertise to the corporate world, hosting transformative talks on addiction, support services, and mental health. With their unique blend of personal experiences and professional insights, they provide a safe and engaging space for employees to learn, grow, and foster understanding.

These talks delve into the complexities of addiction, highlighting the importance of support services and mental health resources. Through thought-provoking discussions and practical guidance, The Two Norries empower organisations to create a culture of empathy and inclusivity, where individuals feel supported and equipped to navigate the challenges surrounding addiction and mental well-being. 

By sharing their own stories, The Two Norries inspire positive change and promote a workplace environment that prioritises the holistic well-being of its employees.

Topics We Discuss

During our talks we cover the following topics and much more: 

By addressing these topics, we aims to promote a culture of understanding, support, and well-being within the corporate setting, empowering employees to navigate addiction-related challenges with compassion and resilience.

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