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Hopefully we have some of them answered here

Most of the material I listen to is from a guy called Dr Joe Dispenza, His most popular meditations are called Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind and Tuning into New Potentials. Tuning into New Potentials is in three stages: it starts with the introduction which explains the process of the meditation. The breath exercise is No. 2, this heightens your energy frequency which allows you to become fully alert to your body and energy within. It finishes with No.3 which takes you on the journey of who you want to become in your future (here you tune into what you want in your future). His walking meditations are also very good, they have helped me a lot in the past.

For any beginner I would advise them to start with Jon Kabatt Zinn and his breathscape meditation, this is a great introduction to meditation. It is 20 minutes long and he talks you through the process. He constantly reminds you to bring it back to the breath when the mind wants to wander away into unnecessary chatter. Thinking about the past, the future and even what you are having for dinner, are ways that the mind will try to gain control whilst meditating. Strengthen your awareness and you’ll become more in the present moment and free from all that self talk that takes all your energy and robs you from creating the future you want.

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No unfortunately, neither of us work as professionals in the counselling or psychotherapy fields. Timmy is in the Construction Industry and James is in Addiction Services, we wouldn’t be lawfully or ethically obliged to advise anybody about any course of action to take in their own life or someone else’s in their family.  We only talk about what has worked for us and our guests speak about what has worked for them. If you require someone to talk to we have a list of services on the website. However, James’ employer is Coolmine which provides addiction services in Ireland so we may be able to link you there.

James went to St. Francis Farm and Timmy went to Tabor Lodge. Both of us did the 12 Step program of NA/AA and attended meetings regularly for years. Both of us did aftercare after leaving treatment as well as one to one psychotherapy. Meditation was and is a big part of Timmy’s recovery while James used fitness and nutrition to help maintain his mental health.

James did a basic short computer course (level 3), then Applied Psychology and Social Studies (level 5) in Cork College of Commerce, then went to UCC and completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Youth and Community Work) and Master of Arts in Criminology. He is now doing  PhD in UCC Dept. of Sociology and Criminology. 

Timmy did a FETEC Level 5 in Furniture and Restoration and a Level 6 in Sustainable Technologies in St John’s College. He then went on to finish an honours Degree in Construction Management within CIT Cork City now known as MTU.

As someone who was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 36, I know how hard it can be with an intellectual disability. My advice would be to research it and try to understand the disability in the best way you can. There are some great explanations on youtube and on the web about all intellectual disabilities. There are also some exceptional

people working in these areas within every community in Ireland. A good therapist who specialises in these areas will explain everything you need to know and give you guidance on how to cope and how to find the best way for you or your child to learn and flourish.